January 3rd, 2005

hush [by me]


Do any of you live in Central Florida? If you do, maybe you can help me decide on whether to go to some shows with loval metals bands or not. Are these bands any good? I don't want to waste my money and time if they suck.

Some kids at Rocky's last night gave me flyers for two different local metal shows. I dunno if I wanna go. On January 8th, the bands playing are going to be Death Before Dishonor, Seventh Star, Closed Casket Diary, Fight Night, and Angels & Demons. On March 9th, we have Merauder, Blacklisted, Agents of Man, Closed Casket Diary, and 24 Hours to Live. I wish I knew more about these local bands before deciding to go.

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May not be music related, but I really had to share...

Napolean Dynamite... go rent it, buy it, watch it, quote it.
This shit is funny as hell!!

I guess this will mostly appeal to those in their 20's or above that remember the 80's (hot pink hip sacks, braided bracelets, stir-up leggings, side pony tails, etc.). But then again, my 16 year old bro made me watch it, and it's just the funniest thing I've seen in a long ass time.
Check out the link below for clips and all that good stuff.

God! Freakin' Idiots!!

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hush [by me]

Thanks BlabberMouth, again..

CHILDREN OF BODOM bassist Henkka Blacksmith has revealed that the group's new album will be recorded in Helsinki, Finland with producer Mikko Karmila but not at the Finnvox studio, where Karmila had previously mixed some of the group's previous output. It is not presently clear if the recordings, which were scheduled for March, will be delayed due to guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho's broken arm.

CHILDREN OF BODOM's as-yet-untitled new CD is tentatively scheduled for release in Finland on August 29, 2005 via Spinefarm Records (September 3, 2005 in the rest of the world through Universal).

In other news, vinyl lovers will be happy to know that all of CHILDREN OF BODOM's albums (including "Tokyo Warhearts") will be re-released as double LP versions in February and March. It is not presently clear what bonus tracks will be included on each of the accompanying discs.

Also on the CHILDREN OF BODOM-related front, Laiho was recently named "future legend" by the readers of Guitar World magazine, where he won with 29 percent of the total vote.

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Anyone here live near toronto?

better yet, any of u interested in attending a show at club rockit?

a bunch of buddies of mine play a metal (thrash sounding) type of tune, and i think many of you ladies would like it. They are called Fatality. Their major influences are Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Old Metallica, Pantera..and such:P

nothing like shameless promotion of buddies bands. anyways guys, these are my best buds and its their first show. Its on January 22nd at Club Rockit in Toronto. Their site is www.fatality.up.to

even if u dont live near toronto, give them a listen. its definetally worth it. some demos are on the site. Recorded in a basement on a broken laptop with a 30 year old mic..so all things considered.... anyways, enough of that. listen or i shall scalp you all. i expect feedback!:P
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(no subject)

Hey. Ok, so my birthday is comming up soon and my friends want to buy me some cds. I aready have all the ones of bands I like. I was wndering if you girls could maybe suggest some really cool metal cds of bands that yall like that I might like. I would really appricate it.