January 6th, 2005


i want to thank maiden deth for showing me this community. i hope to meet some cool here. u guys rawk. \m/
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According to a posting at the official ARCH ENEMY web site, the Christopher Amott signature model Caparison guitar is now available in Scandinavia through the Danish distributor Mega Music. This guitar has only been available on the Japanese market until now.

The specifications for the Caparison Dellinger CA guitar are as follows:

* Mahogany body, bolt-on hard maple neck w/ ebony fingerboard
* 25 ½" scale, 24 jumbo frets
* Schaller Floyd Rose
* 2 x Seymour Duncan Hot Rails + Caparison humbucker
* Volume and Tone controls, pickup selector
* Factory tuning: C to C
* Color: Black (with ARCH ENEMY silver logo)

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Last night's Killswitch Engage show at the North Star Bar in Philly was amazing. The place was a 300 capacity bar. I don't think all of the people that won tickets went, b/c it didn't feel like 300 people. Then again, I'm pretty shitty with numbers.
I didn't see any of Unearth, but that's ok b/c I've seen them numerous times, and I know they always put on a good show. I was hanging out with my boy outside, b/c he's always weird about crowds and recognition, that he only runs into the venues when he has to.
But, KsE rocked out, as they always do. My cuz took some good pics, I'll try to post them up when I get the copies.
I really wish more of the bands along KsE / Unearth status could play at these small venues. Actually, they're not even really 'venues' it's a bar. Good shit though. \m/

The nice thing about these smaller places too, is that although it's loud, you aren't nearly as deaf at the end of the night from a huge wall of amps. Rock.
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NIN News

From the nine_inch_nails community:

Kerrang! magazine has revealed what is said to be the new touring line-up for nine inch nails, who will take to the road later this year for a number of shows. The band will of course feature mastermind Trent Reznor alongside drummer Jerome Dillon. But also joining the fold are bassist Jeordie "Twiggy Ramirez" White of Marilyn Manson/A Perfect Circle fame and guitarists Ralph Dieter and Alessando Cortini. Currently the bands new album "With Teeth" is said to be eyeing a spring release through Interscope. A surround sound edition of the new effort, similar to that of the recently re-released "The Downward Spiral", is also being worked on by Reznor and mixer James Brown (no, not THAT James Brown) and is hoped to see a simultaneous release with the standard version of the new effort.

And, from nin.com, a message from trent:

with teeth is finished.
the band is rehearsing.
i can't wait to present this music to you -
on your stereo and in your town.
happy new year -

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Random Power Metal Splurge

I was sitting here uploading music to my site out of boredom, and since I figure here would be a good place to pimp some lesser known power metal bands I decided to go on a massive linking spree. I tried to organize the bands in a manner that I figured most of you guys would like them best.

Gun Barrel: Battle Tested
Zandelle (U.S. Power Metal! Yeah!): Warlords of Steel
Pagan's Mind: Aegean Shores
Ironware: Holy Man
I don't know what order to list the others, so I'll just list them.
Oddysea: Fly
Beholder: Ring of Freedom
Black Majesty: Fall of the Reich
Dungeon: Insanity's Fall
Cryonic Temple: Swords and Diamonds
Gothic Knights: Up From the Ashes
Wizard: Betrayer
Oratory: Concillium
Rising Faith: The Inner Truth (One of my personal favorites)
Mob Rules: Eyes of All Young
Vanishing Point: Surreal
Magic Kingdom: Child of the Nile and The Iron Mask
Dragonforce (one of my favorite bands): Valley of the Damned and My Spirit Will Go On.

And that is my massive contribution to this community. A mass sharing of power metal, which I feel I am becoming a bit of a connoiseur of (I think I spelled it right). Hope you enjoy.
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