January 11th, 2005

hush [by me]
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This is Stupid.

Honestly, I think this is really stupid. I think Sharon is ruining the image Ozzy used to have. Am I the only one who thinks she's money/publicity hungry? Cause this just tops the fucking cake...

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Sharon Osbourne's life is set to become a television movie. The Osbourne matriarch is secretly working on the project and hopes her daughter Kelly can play the role of the young Sharon. "It has great potential but it will be hard to cast someone to play Ozzy," Sharon told a spy. "He is rather unique, you see, and it will take a big man to fill those shoes." Sharon hopes the TV movie will start production by spring.

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a little help...

thank you everyone for the welcome :) you're all very nice...

now i'm hoping someone might be able to help me. the other day i was browsing ebay and i came across a diy dimmu borgir dress (image under the lj-cut). i fell in love w/ it but it wasn't my size. i forgot about it for a few days and i decided to check and see what else the girl had made... but the dress had been sold by that point and i have no clue who it was. all i have is this single solitary picture. so if anyone knows who made this, please please please let me know because i NEED it. thank you so much :)

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Nightwish :)

Well, guess what. My friend from Romania was on Nightwish's concert in November and he took their autographs for me as well and they came via mail this morning. I also got Therion's Lemuria t-shirt :)

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