January 17th, 2005

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WoW! So i havent posted in what seems like donkey's years! SoRRy! >.<
I know quite alot of you arent really into Slipknot and each to their own i guess.. BUT.. Slipknot are doing a tour Down Under! WoOT.. [. 'down under' - Australia, yes i live with the kangaroos and koala's .] And I am very excited because I am seeing them in concert and i thought i might just share my glee!

I hope everyone is well.

Much love -Tegan <3

P.S Sorry for the semi-pointless rant
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hush [by me]

Another Stupid Thing..

Again.. Stupidity..

Disillusioned BLACK SABBATH fans have launched a petition asking Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward to consider firing Ozzy on the grounds of his lack of commitment to BLACK SABBATH over the last few years. They feel that Ozzy's lack of enthusiasm has been holding back the possibility of a new BLACK SABBATH album and that such an album would be more likely were the other members of BLACK SABBATH to enlist a replacement.

To view and/or sign the petition, click here.

One of the people behind the petition, James Clarke (a.k.a. Nero Kalem), has also included the following "personal note" to this web site: "BLABBERMOUTH.NET gives Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne a lot of publicity with regards to issues that are trivial at best. Some feel that this is only exacerbating the problem of Ozzy's failure to commit to BLACK SABBATH by encouraging him to pursue other interests. Many, including myself, feel that BLABBERMOUTH.NET should also publish this story out of fairness to BLACK SABBATH fans."
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