February 7th, 2005

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Fuse - VJ - Open Casting - Interested in going to NYC?

OK, Craziness. Check this out....

I want to go to NYC (I live in Philly - it's called the public trains can be a beautiful thing, at times..) for the Fuse's open casting call for a new VJ. I've never done anything like it, so I'm in. Should be a cool experience, nonetheless.
So, here's the deal... Saturday, Feb 12th. From 9pm-11pm. Which means, I want to be down in NYC by 6 (I'm extremely prone to getting lost).
Anyone else want to go? Have to be between 21 - 29, I believe.

Ok, if you are going to freak me out by being weird in any way, you need not respond to this at all. But, I think I'm going to end up hitting this thing up alone. So, if anyone else was planning on going to NYC for this, or have suddenly gotten excited about going.... let me know.
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