February 22nd, 2005

make some offers!!

boysetsfire - size youth medium (100% new) . Collapse )
AFI - size youth medium/red Collapse )
circle takes the square - size youth medium/large (100% new) . Collapse )

POSTER - laminated:
zao - funeral of god Collapse )

CDS - all brand new/not wrapped:
drowningman - still loves you
twelve tribes - the rebirth of tragedy
in pieces - learning to accept silence
candiria - process of self-development

* paypal would be awesome, but cash is fine too
* aim: i heart barf
* email: fireburntwater@hotmail.com
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For sale.

I havent ever found a need to post here though I read regularly and I figured why not post some things I am selling.

Name a price. My friend gave me a bunch of stuff/shirts to sell for her. Some things have pictures. If you are interested in a picture and there isnt one, comment and I will take one. My digital camera broke half way through, so it will have to be shitty cam quality. Also if you are interested in anythings quality, just ask.

Tool Black w/ group photo - XL - Fair
APC - Logo - XL (she said it fits like a L) - Like new
Deftones - XL - New
AFI Babydoll group on couch - XL - Like new
Shadows Fall - long sleeve logo - XL - New
Jagermesister tour 2002 shirt - XL - Good
18 Visions logo - XL - Fair
KSE mass metal - XL - Fair

Collapse )

Jacobs Ladder VHS
Dr. Dolittle VHS
Slipknot VHS
Exorcist III DVD
Creepshow DVD
Night of the Living Dead/Circus of Souls DVD
Carnivore DVD

Rose Madder - Stephen King
Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Stephen King
Delores Claiborne - Stephen King
Body of Evidence - Patricia Cornwell
Skeleton Crew - Stephen King
Desperation - Stephen King

Manic Panic hair color - Bad Boy Blue
Nightmare before Christmas Sally Plush Doll
Nightmare before Christmas Sally stocking
Dickies Velcro wallet
Removable bondage straps

[+]Cash or money orders because I dont have Paypal please
[+]Aim - NeurosisByNight (I dont stay on for long though)
[+]Yahoo - NeurosisByNight
[+]Email - eels_swimmer@hotmail.com

X-posted to metalforsale if I can ever get it to work.

^ That is a new community I made to sell things. Obviously you dont need a member to buy anything since I posted it here, but join if you are interested since I dont have any people. I was looking for a person to help Mod too if anyone is interested.
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live happily

(no subject)

Argh.. Strapping Young Lad is coming to Edmonton in April (3 days after my brithday toooo... YaY haha) AND I probably won't be able to go because my parents are over protective nimrods. The only way I can go is if one of my friends come. Well, considering NONE of my fucking friends have heard of them the chances of me going are reeeeealy high now aren't they.

Bah.. stupid people.
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