March 5th, 2005

Ban Wimps

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saw slipknot and lamb of god on friday.
and i dont care what any of you mother fuckers say.
slipknot is metal.
and they are fucking amazing.
and if you dont like them- fine.
but if you disrespect them- i may just have to hurt you.

that is all.


A reply to malady.

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Anyways...time for a little debate fun. What do you girls (or guys) consider to be metal? What actually makes a band metal? Is it the image, lifestyle, music, etc.?

For me, I don't take the whole "metal" thing all that seriously. In my opinion, a band is truly metal if they're just having fun with what they do. They can be silly and have fun without being pretentious and uptight. But maybe I've been listening to Dream Evil too much. =P Thats not to say that bands that take themselves seriously are bad or anything. You can be brilliant and still be metal.

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okay I have to tell you all this just so I can be right and not argue about stupid bullshit, like who the fuck is and isn't metal ...who the fuck cares?! as long as what you listen to is what you like it won't matter what it is or who it is or whatver. but still I must say that I picked up a magzine today from Hit Parader--the encyclopedia of heavy metal--and it has not only Kittie but Slipknot and Manson and a whole bunch of other bands especially ones that you or someone else would most likely not consider metal of any level. so take that and shutup I don't care!