March 6th, 2005

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What is up with all of the animosity, angst, and tension going on this community as of lately? Why do people have to be all up on the edge of their seats over music? To each his own, if you like Slipknot, fine.. but you don't have to threaten people who don't.

I really like this community, but the way it's going lately really sucks. That last few posts have been nothing but "what is real metal" "I don't care what you say" "If you don't like Slipknot I'll kill you"..

Come on now. Let's be more mature.

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i dunno how many of you are in the UK or know what Metal Hammer is. but its one of the best metal magazines i know of. they had a poll a while ago and here are the results for different catagories of best singer, best music video, etc etc etc.

Best Singer:
Vinne Valo [HIM]

Best Bassist:
Duff Mckagan [Velvet Revolver]

Best Drummer:
Joey Jordison [Slipknot]

Best Guitarist:
Dimebag Darrel [Pantera/Damageplan]

Best Music Video:
Duality [Slipknot]

Man of the year:
Vinnie Valo [HIM]

Woman of the year:
Cristina Scabbia [Lacuna Coil]

Band you Hated and now love:

Band you loved and now hate:

Worst Band:
The Rasmus

Worst Album:
The Rasmus

if you wanna know who came in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc- comment and ill tell ya.
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hey i dont know who runs this community. but i am a co-mod who used to go by the user name __pistoletta. and i am going to soon delete that journal and i was wondering if we could change it on the user info page from __pistoletta to lungache.

yeah thanks.
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