March 10th, 2005

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British-born drummer extraordinaire Nick Barker (former sticksman for international black metal giants CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR) along with former mexican metal guitarist/riff-mastergeneral/songwriter and co-founder member of Los Angeles based metal cyber gods FEAR FACTORY, Dino "ASESINO" Cazares are on the verge of creating a musical masterpiece of mass destruction on a global scale in the form of their new as yet "UNAMED" full-time band. In 2004 both Barker and Cazares were busy locked away in a "Hotter Than Hell" downtown Los Angeles rehearsal space practicing with Cazares's other band BRUJERIA (the infamous band he also co-founded before FEAR FACTORY back in 1989) for a series of concerts in the upcoming months.During this time locked away jamming the two discovered that they shared very similar musical ideologies and began coming up with "cool patterns and riff structures" that were totally unsuitable and way "too advanced" for BRUJERIA.Due to numerous BRUJERIA show cancellations in the late summer,the twins of evil(Barker & Cazares) suddenly had a lot of free time on their hands and so decided to utilize and dedicate this time into turning their own ideas into song structures for their new and exciting band,something that drew on influences and insipiration from all forms of the extreme metal sub-genres. Already with two seperate demo recordings under their belts,one completed November 2004 and the more recent demo completed in Febuary 2005,the twins of evil(Barker & Cazares) seem to be going from strength to strength.The outcome of both demos was a beautiful yet relentless savage mixture of style,diversity and identity that covered the whole extreme metal sub genre spectrum.The demos have already got record companies foaming at the mouth,despite the fact that Barker & Cazares still need to recruit an extremely brutal yet melodic and diverse vocalist. With five songs complete bearing such working titles as "As Blood Spills","Scorned Uprising","The Threat Is Real","Savior Self" and "All Eyes On Us" and song number six already in the pipeline,the as yet "UNAMED" new full-time band from these two highly respected and talented individuals are currently seeking a vocalist. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....... THE THREAT IS REAL!

*I'm really excited for my brother, he's been in the studio for weeks straight recording the new songs, as well as working on the DEATH tribute album where Nick and himself covered 2 songs. ( I don't know which ones, he says it's a suprise.)He's also worked ROADRUNNER RECORDS ALL STARS record where he cut a track with former SOULFLY drummer and good friend Roy Mayorga. More info as it comes. In the meantime check them out on myspace. Unfortunalty we don't have any new tracks on there yet but we're gonna update it with what new is going on. If any of you are in Los Angeles, Dino's band ASESINO with Tony Campos of Static-X and Emilio of Sadistic Intent is playing the Key Club on 4/20. BLAZE IT!*
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omg... ok for the person who was talking about the tour dates for Nightwish...

I was at lunch today talking to my friend Scott, and he said Nightwish is coming down to Orlando on April 29th. Tickets are 25 bucks, give or take a few. Ah man, I am so gonna go!

And Assemblage 23 is in Orlando on April 23rd also... so I gotta save up some money.