March 23rd, 2005

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Hey, yea, ok I went to that tour with Lamb of God, The Bled, Shadows Fall, and Slipknot...I have to say, it was a awesome show!! All the bands were great! I got some pictures too. Im going to try to get them on here tomorrow. The only thing I was pissed about was that Lamb of god didnt do a Wall of death! I was so looking forward to it too! [they are my fave band] Well, I just wanted to know if anyone elce went and what they thought of the show [and also if LOG did any walls of deaths in any past shows?]
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    Now you've got somthing to die for - Lamb Of God
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Ok, for my B-day a while ago my cousin got me a Lamb Of God shirt. The only problem is its huge. I dont want to throw it away, so I was wondering if there was any way that I could like make it smaller..I have already tried shrinking it but that didnt work. Please help me!
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its a well known fact that concert shirts run in sizes large and circus tent.
i AM FUCKING TINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! therefore no shirts ever fit me.
so i learned how to alter tee-shirts but i'm sure many girls dont know how.
so heres as little tutorial for those of you:

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for a post that was a billion years old- which i had to search endlessly for. (

i hope you all enjoy. if you have any questions ill answer them as best as i can.
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