March 29th, 2005

by @ wintermoonicons


Greetings I have recently joind your community and was wondering if there are any tr00 BM fans within this community to speak to.
I listen to : Doom, Black, and some death though
I hate hardcore & nu-metal though
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    Graveland- Blood of Christians on my Sword
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Poll of Boredem!

Hokay, I felt like doing a poll out of sheer boredem. This is me and my obsession.

[1]Favorite Otep album
[2]Favorite Song and why?
[3]How upset were you when you found out Moke and Rob were cut from the band?
[4]If you could spend a day with either Otep or Evil J...what would you do?
[5]Any other Female Metal band you think others should know about?

Jesh...fear my boredem!!

Fear it!!