April 9th, 2005

SUJU: KyuHug

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I think I've saw this somewhere some time ago. Anyways I used winamp. I made a list (whoaaa) with all the mp3 songs i have

and... "toggle playlist shuffling"!! Anyways. I wrote the first 20 songs and chose a part from the lyrics of each song. So

whoever's interested, may guess which songs are.

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scorpions - send me an angel
iced earth - watching over me
nightwish - dead boys poem
charon - little angel
lacuna coil - when a dead man walks
within temptation - stand my ground
atrocity - enigma
after forever - two sides
for my pain - dancer in the dark
nightwish - dark chest of wonders
sentenced - aika myltaa muistot [everything is nothing]
sonata arctica - the boy who wanted to be a real puppet
iron maiden - fear of the dark
leaves eyes - for amelie
blind guardian - black chamber
slipknot - vermilion
blackmores night - under a violet moon
limp bizkit - behind blue eyes
cradle of filth - no time to cry
ozzy Osbourne/lita Ford - close my eyes forever
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