April 20th, 2005

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American Head Charge guitarist Bryan Ottoson was found dead on Tuesday. The 27-year-old musician's body was discovered in a sleeping bunk on the band's tour bus in North Charleston, South Carolina, where the group was set to play at the Plex club, according to a spokesperson for the band's label.

At the moment, bandmembers are said to be heading home to their native Minneapolis. The cause of Ottoson's death hasn't been determined, pending the results of an autopsy. An official statement from the group is expected later on Wednesday (April 20).

The band had been on tour with Mudvayne, Life of Agony and Bloodsimple. For now, American Head Charge are expected to miss the next three dates of the tour at the very least — it's unclear whether they will be rejoining the package trek going forward.

The industrial metal collective was formed nearly a decade ago by frontman Martin Cook and bassist Chad Hanks (known to fans by his stage name, Mr. H.C. Banks III), following a chance meeting in a Minnesota rehab center. In a recent interview with British magazine Metal Hammer, Hanks said, "In the past three years, we've had two or three relapses, two treatment centers, a divorce, two members leaving, and a whole heap of other sh-- going on." In the same article, Cook alludes to the fact that alcohol and drug abuse has nearly ended the band in the past.

American Head Charge released their last record, The Feeding, in February.

I saw them earlier this month. Wow...