April 25th, 2005

dia del muertos

[*new band update*]

i should've done this a while ago but i waited until everything was set with their new guitarist and their MP3's and everything so here goes:

the band is called Crimson Winter

i love the shit out of these guys and i've known them all individually for quite some time now. they only started playing together fairly recently, and with that said, they're very impressive.

check them out on myspace:

crimson winter!!

they hail from Astoria, Queens, NYC (my second home) and they're fucking brutal


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glocken and I have decided to do Download in style this year - first class train travel there & back, and a nice hotel (I think the one we picked is either 3 or 4 *) - no slumming it camping for us!! ;D (And it's surprisingly inexpensive!) This confirms our 'old married couple' status methinks!

Anyway... who else is going? And what bands are you planning to see? I've seen some of these several times before (19 in the case of Garbage), but still: Queen Adreena, Megadeth, Garbage, Feeder, Billy Idol, Lordi (yes - they look ridiculous but their music is in the 'classic rock/metal' style I love!), HIM, Velvet Revolver, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, and Motorhead.

where did you all hide???

Hey my name is lady and I just have to ask if anyone posting on here is from Ontario, Canada? and if there is I just wanted to know because I live 40 minutes outside of Toronto, up North, and wanted people to bring along to death metal concerts. so if you relate to this post me please.
Your lady friend.