April 28th, 2005

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The concert last night kicked ass! The bands played in the order of Mnemic, Hypocrisy, Dark Tranquillity, and Soilwork. The venue I went to is called The Social, and honestly, I'd never been there before. I don't really like how small it is.. you could hardly move around at all. The good thing about that is that you could stand anywhere and you were still relatively close to the stage. I was off to the left, behind the rail that blocks off the miniscule mosh pit. (There really wasn't a lot of room to even mosh!) When there was a mosh, I was glad to see that if someone was knocked over, people helped them back up. Now, before I go on with this, I want to warn that I don't know any band member names.. so don't shoot me, it's just not my forte to really get into the names of every member of every band.

So, Mnemic came out first. I'd never heard this band before, and I must say I was pretty damn impressed. It took me a few songs to loosen up and get into everything, but that's always the case with me and metal concerts. The vocalist ended up ripping his pants in several places, which amused me. One tear was right on his ass. The bassist was on the side of the stage which I was close to and at one point I leant over the rail, flashed the horns, and grinned when he held up his bass guitar for the crowd to bang on. The bassist saw me, he grinned, and pointed at me since I was just a bit out of arms reach. Then he said something to me, but I couldn't hear him. All in all, Mnemic did a great job. I'm definitely going to check out some of their music.

Hypocrisy. I'd never seen them live, and I was very impressed. The vocalist kept raising his hands and trying to talk all morbid to the crowd inbetween songs.. I understand this is metal, but it was more comical to me than it was dramatic. Fire In The Sky was fucking awesome! I love it when the WHOLE crowd gets into a song and just lets loose. The last song was Eraser, and the whole crowd was just going along with the words. Those two songs were definitely my favorite of Hypocrisy's set.

Then Dark Tranquillity came out. This was what I basically came to this show for. I knew they kicked ass on record, but they're even better live. The crowd got into them more than Mnemic and Hypocrisy. The vocalist has such a great stage presence. He was constantly moving around instead of just standing in one place, banging his head. I like it when the vocalists use the whole stage. I could tell he's got a good personality, cause he was constantly smiling and touching the people in the front row. There was this one girl in the front row who was really into the whole thing. At one point, she flashed the horns up next to his crotch when he was standing in front of her. He grinned and crouched down to her and took her hand, and held it to his heart for a bit. They played Lost to Apathy, which I wasn't too fond of.. but now that I've heard it live, I like it a bit more. After one of the songs, someone in the crowd yelled "MONOCHROMATIC STAINS!", which is the song that I wanted to hear the most. The vocalist grinned and said "The next song is, as request by this guy right here, MONOCHROMATIC STAINS!" We all went wild, and this is where I hurt my back leaning over the rail because I was going nuts. :P The last song they played was Final Resistance, which is my AIM screen name. My boyfriend and I were amused by this.. (Yes, we're simple minded! Lol)

Soilwork took way too long to get up on the stage. My feet were starting to kill me. When they finally came out, sadly, the light show was the thing that impressed me most. There's loud music that fucking rocks, and then there's so loud that you can't understand anything anymore, you can't hear the vocalist, and you just can't fucking stand it. I like it loud, but this was too damn loud. It was so loud everything was distorted almost. You know what I mean? Their playing didn't really impress me that much, and the vocalist reminded me of a bald Matt Hardy. We went through about three of their songs and left (I had just lost my spark to get into the music).

If this is coming near you, go. All in all, it was worth the money I paid. I think Dark Tranquillity stole the show.