May 1st, 2005

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Here are some bands I know on Myspace that some of you might like:

My Own Sin


Peephole (not yet available, coming soon)

The Big Distraction

Mute Math

X-Sister Z

they all have tracks on their site and myspace both clips and full length.
My Own Sin, Starlit and X-Sister Z have women lead singers.

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Hey everyone! I've been in this community for awhile and I've finally decided to post. :)

I think it's safe to say that everyone here likes metal. For obvious reasons. ;) So, I think you should all go check out this band:

It's my best friend's band, but I really can't be biast when it comes to their music because my best friend is the singer and when I listen to them, I don't think of him because his singing voice is so much different than his normal voice, so when I say they kick some serious ass, I mean they kick some serious ass!

They're definately talented and I think a large majority of you will really enjoy their music!

And if you like what you hear and want a copy of both of the demos, email and ask. No cost. Who doesn't like awesome free music?
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