May 6th, 2005

circle closeing

band name!

ok, so i started this new band
and i need a name for it
all the band members got names like-sponge, mop, sparkles, and I am BUNNY

any new names will be considered

but what we have so far is:
Inner Sancdom
Depth Calliber
and my choice: Man Smush

my friends also suggested

i think a weirder name would be better kuz were playing weird music and were just a weird band
but sirous names can be good too.

thanks in advance
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    Duality - Slipknot

Ozzfest 05

Well, I just ordered my tickets for Ozzfest (using the pre-sale)
July 15th, in Boston.

I'm unbelieveably excited. Travelling for 12 hours by car to go, but it will be amazing(hopefully).

Who's all planning on heading out to Ozzfest this year?