June 9th, 2005

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Mouth of Madness review

I went to see Otep last night. Mantis and Suicide City played as well. I have to say, I am now a Suicide City fan. Apparently this is Jennifer Arroyo's (formally of Kittie) new band. I was highly impressed. She definitely added an amazing amount of talent and sex appeal to the stage. I got to meet her and the other in Suicide boys. Very nice. Got my pic with Jennifer. I'd post it if I new how to post a pic off of my hard drive (enlighten me?).

Otep. I am a relatively new Otep fan (about a year now) and saw them live for the first time (missed them at Ozzfest). I have their demo and Sevas Tra. Phenominal, in my opinion. Seeing them live was a bit different. You could get into the actual songs they played, but they didn't play too many. I understand that Otep is more into oration than singing, but, when you talk through 75% of you set, don't tell the crowd that you're disappointed that they are rocking out. Ya know?

Anyway. Mantis tried to cover "Rose of Sharon" - tried being the key word.

But anyway. I still had a great time. Hung out with Mantis for a bit afterwards. All of the band members I met were very nice and entertaining.