June 18th, 2005

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HATE ETERNAL's video for the title track of their upcoming third album, "I, Monarch", will premiere on Fuse TV's new daily metal show, "Metal Asylum", on Monday, June 27. Directed by Shane Drake (FALLOUT BOY, SNAPCASE, THE AGONY SCENE), the "I, Monarch" video is said to be "an amazing clip that matches the intensity of HATE ETERNAL's extreme metal note for note." Shot in California and Florida, "I, Monarch" was inspired by the work of avant-garde composer Zero Kama (samples of which can be heard on the song!). "I, Monarch" intersperses blistering HATE ETERNAL performance footage with scenes of a mysterious man's quest to build instruments out of human bones. Frontman Erik Rutan, drummer Derek Roddy, and bassist Randy Piro attack their instruments with reckless abandon and perfect precision while the mysterious man's work takes its unholy shape.

HATE ETERNAL will be also taking time out of their U.S. tour to stop by the Fuse studios in New York City to film an exclusive interview for "Metal Asylum" that will air the week of July 4.

HATE ETERNAL's new album, "I, Monarch", hits U.S. stores June 28 (on day earlier internationally).

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Floridian black metallers KULT OV AZAZEL have announced the first three dates for the "Hellstorm of Unholy Legions" East Coast tour, also featuring BLOOD STORM, TERATISM and HORN OF VALERE. They are as follows:

Aug. 14 - Brooklyn, NY @ North Six
Aug. 15 - Utica, NY @ Albie's Bar
Aug. 19 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

More dates will be announced soon.

KULT OV AZAZEL's third album, "The World, The Flesh & The Devil", will be released on June 28 via Arctic/Crash Music Inc. The CD was recorded and engineered by Shawn Ohtani, and was mastered by Erik Rutan at Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida.

"We have also submitted a song off the new release to Killzone Records for the compilation 'Destroyers from the Western Skies'. Full lineup for this is FOG, BAHIMIRON, KULT OV AZAZEL, HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE, INQUISITION, KRIEG, LEVIATHAN, XASTHUR, DEMONCY, HARVIST, ENGORGE, THRALLDOM, DRAUGAR, SUMMON and TERATISM. This will be the best-compiled material covering the North American black metal scene to date. Visit www.killzone-records.com for more details. Other releases scheduled for this year are the KULT OV AZAZEL/VROLOK split 'Feast of Sacrilegious Impurity' enhanced CD for October and the 'Oculus Infernum' gatefold LP for a scheduled September release."

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Finnish female-fronted metallers NIGHTWISH will release a two-CD collection, entitled "Highest Hopes - The Best Of Nightwish", in the fall. The complete track listing for the set is as follows:

01. Wish I Had an Angel
02. Stargazers
03. The Kinslayer
04. Ever Dream
05. Elvenpath
06. Bless the Child
07. Nemo
08. Sleeping Sun
09. Dead to the World
10. Over the Hills and Far Away
11. Deep Silent Complete
12. Sacrament of Wilderness
13. Walking In the Air
14. Wishmaster
15. Dead Boy's Poem
16. High Hopes – Live

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