July 26th, 2005


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Anyone from Michigan thats not going to Ozzfest that wants to? or anyone that wants to travel to a second Ozzfest? Our second stage is general admission but this is a ticket for pavillion main stage... check it out !

One of our friends couldnt go and we have an extra ticket.. thats the auction for it if you are interested.. of course the seat is like next to ours so, you dont have to worry about sitting with some weirdo... but if you prefer weirdo you can trade me seats and sit with my best friend lol.. shes weird.


anyways thanks if you check it out.

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I'm going to Minneapolis near the end of August. (20 - 26 I believe) Does anyone know if there are any good shows going on at that time? I went there last year and was lucky enough to see Otep and Dimmu Borgir. It would be wicked to see a couple of other really good bands.