July 28th, 2005


I am so special.

So, today at "school" was Music Day or something. I brought in over 50 cds (less than half of what I have at home), and preceded to show off my collection (The one moment I can be selfish and wave the "LOOK AT ME, I'M COOL" flags). Kids and teachers were like:

"So...who's that band?"
"Kamelot! Thee greatest band ever."


"Hey...this isn't bad. Who is this?"
"Elvenking! Thee greatest band ever."
"Really? Where could I find the cd?"
"Well...where did you find it?"
"Internet. Friends. Contacts. You name it."

One of the teachers enjoyed the beat of Stratovarius (Hell...she was actually banging her head!), but preferred the music over the guy's voice. + and - on that comment.

Yeah, so, people think I'm weirder...probably wouldn't consider it as hardcore, and actually got a teacher to buy an Elvenking cd. *tear*

You say the word MUSIC and I'm there! It's my love...
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