September 7th, 2005



Okay; so Opeth's new CD has been out for like ever. & myself being the huge Opeth fan that I am, have yet to buy it. How lame.

I haven't heard anything from it yet. & it's making me angry. Gah. Everyone says its wonderful, though.

Also, another thing that's pissing me off, is the fact that, I CANNOT for the life of me, Find Cradle of Filth's "Nymphetamine" CD. Which makes me sad. I've looked EVERYWHERE. & the ONE TIME I saw it. I was like, four dollars short of being able to purchase it.

So today, I went CD shopping.

I found The Black Dahlia Murder's new CD, as well as Dope's American Apathy CD.
& I love Dope, & this CD is rather wonderful.

[ps, I didn't buy TBDM's CD. I'm poor, unfortuanately.]

So yeah. I don't know. I hate how I can NEVER find the CD that I really really want.


I can't wait for Opeth's tour. I will walk to the nearest city, in which they'll play [minneapolis, of course] if I have too. There is NO WAY in HELL i'm going to miss that show. I missed them when they played at SOTU. & it's not happening again. *angryface*

So, yeah. YAY FOR NEW CDS!
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Fear Factory

Has anyone here heard Fear Factory's new album, "Transgrettion"? I think it is pretty good. Kinda different from thier usual sound. So, I honstly don't know what to think about it. So I was wondering if anyone here has heard it and tell me if they thought the same also.......