March 2nd, 2006

Convict Scorpion

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Being quite partial to music that has atmosphere. I was curious as to what bands others considered atmospheric.

Any song(s) that make you feel uneasy?
Or band who's music is so genuinely bleak and overwhelming that it's almost cathartic.

Here's a few bands that do it for me.

Cryostasium (Black/Ambient..this band is pretty nightmarish)
Xasthur (Black)
Asunder (Funeral Doom/Death)
Wormphlegm (Funeral Drone/Doom)
Tyranny (Funeral Doom)
The Funeral Orchestra (Funeral Doom)
Bunkur (Drone/Doom)
Septic Flesh (Atmospheric Death)
Earth (Drone/Doom...this band's sound has been compared to the feeling of tectonic plates shifting)
Thorr's Hammer (Doom/Death)
Nocturnal Worshipper (Black)
Silencer (SWE) (Black)