April 5th, 2006

Convict Scorpion

National Socialist Metal

Let me first say that I in no way agree with the National Socialist viewpoint, but this sub-genre seems to polarize people.

-Some will listen to a band, enjoy the music and then find out that some of the members have viewpoints that they do not agree with and totally write off the band.

-Others like myself, regardless of the lyrical content or the band members personal beliefs..if the music is good i'm all for it.

Or the later, they know it's NS and avoid it like the plague.


Would you listen to a band with opposing viewpoints?
Even if the music was enjoyable?

Even if the lyrical content does not contain anything racially biased or offensive?

What if it did?

--There are a lot of bands that I enjoy that have members with view points that I do not agree with, but I still find myself enjoying the music anyway.

Grand Belial's Key
Absurd (Ger)
Forest (Rus)
Spear of Longinus

(Just to name a few)

Because, what is it after all. Just music, right?
Tell me what you think.