May 27th, 2006

peter carlisle. <3


Okay, I have a quick question about Ozzfest. Has anyone here ever been? How long to main-stage bands usually play? Is it worth paying the 105$ to see one band and just kind of chill and watch the rest? My friend and I are going to see Lacuna Coil in August, and I was just curious about those and if we should just wait until Lacuna Coil plays a headliner tour in the future.

And, for the Flogging Molly fans in here, I saw them two nights ago. THEY FREAKING ROCKED. It was hands down the best show I have ever been to. It was sold out, and my friend and I were standing right in the center, second row from the front. Damn, it was cool.

Anyone who even just kind of likes them should go to one of their shows. They're just a great live band.