June 22nd, 2006


Dragonforce/Lacuna Coil

So I was wondering who was going to see the Lacuna Coil and Dragonforce show in Atlanta at The Masquerade on August 11th. I may go, but I am going to talk to my mom about it first (I have never driven there, and I wouldn't want to go alone, anyway, unless I can get a friend to go).

Also, does anyone know the lineup for this show? I don't want any effing hardcore kids or the like there. I hate those kids, and the moshers that go -.- I am five feet tall, I DON'T LIKE GETTING TRAMPLED WHEN I AM TRYING TO LISTEN TO SOME DANG TUNES.

Bah, I found the list of bands.
"Dragonforce & Lacuna Coil, Between the Buried and Me
Synth worship and guitar slaying lay the base for Dragonforce's extreme high tempo mystical arena metal. Put together European speed metal, the stage presence of Queen, the lyrical prowess of epic metal masters Rhapsody, and a passion for magic, and you barely scratch the surface of the band's greatness. Coheadlining are Italian goth metal demons Lacuna Coil, who use melodic guitar lines, alternating heavy and light vocals, and a bit of pop influence to rock the world! Supporting are Between the Buried and Me."

The bolded text implies "Kill me now."