July 1st, 2006

Picture perfect

Cradle of Flith - Banned Cover Art

As reported, the new COF cover artwork for their forthcoming album was banned in the U.S. The record company insisted new artwork be produced, so the band have been hastily working on the new version which is now posted here.

At this time we are not sure if and how many booklets have been produced with the banned artwork on them. More as it
happens. Cradle Of Filth Official Site a>

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The re-done cover in itself is "risky" to say the least. With a depiction of crusifixion, a japanese girl with a halo holding a severed head (Is that Jesus I see there?)and numerous other biblical references, I'm just curious as to what was so bad about the other one. What makes the record company deem this one appropriate and the other not?

Though it's not like the Filth boys are unfamilier to censorship...

I am fortunate enough to be getting the original cover art up here in Canada, so I will get to find out.

Any thoughts?

"Thornography" is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2006.

(I appologize to anyone who knows this is OLD news, but I figured I'de put in my two cents.)
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