July 10th, 2006

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Cletic Frost and 1349

So I found out yesturday that Celtic Frost and 1349 are going to be in Victoria BC on September 30th. This is very cool.(aside from the fact that they have no Vancouver date [0_o] and are playing at a tiny club) I am convinced that the person who set up this tour HAS NEVER visited BC...ever. I am try to get a group on people together who want to hop on the ferry and go see this specticle of awesome black metal. This is 1349's first North American tour, so it is not to be missed. And come on. Celtic Frost!

So if any of you guys live in the lower mainland and want to party harty in Victoria for a weekend, give me a shout here.

And if you don't. Well I'm sure they are playing at some obscure little club in a moderately sized tourist town full of old people near you.

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Just saw the Unholy Alliance Tour last night.... AMAZING!!!
If they are stopping in your area and you dont have a ticket, get one!
And get your asses on the floor if you can, it was brutal.
For those of you going or who already went, ENJOY!


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