July 14th, 2006

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Defining Gothic Metal: The Truth And Lies Of The Scene

Found this on Metalstorm.EE and thought it was really awesome and funny. As someone who is also completely obsessed with 80's-90's goth rock and metal, it is always annoying for me to come across bands that are labled (or call themselves 0_o) "gothic metal", when they obviously aren't.
Note: The views of the author do not always reflect my views. They do say some pretty cocky shit in here. Take it at face value and be entertained by the name dropping involved!
ALSO BE WARNED! They have pretty bad grammar and tends to really like run-on sentences.

Defining Gothic Metal: The Truth And Lies Of The Scene
Written by: DerRozzengarten
Published: 23.05.2006

"First and Last and Always", to name a specific metal genre as gothic, which makes the oh-so renowned and overabused gothic metal term, this specific metal genre MUST have references and influences from the gothic rock/dark wave scene from the 80s. Apparently, without any second thought and a shadow of doubt, many bands from this so-called commercial and big scene are not gothic metal because they have not a single reference from the gothic rock/dark wave scene of the 80s. It really is something funny for metalheads that know nothing about this scene to speak about gothic music. But what is even more funny is the fact that part of the metal scene dislikes goths and when you ask them "which people do you refer to as goths?" you get the answer "those people, man, that paint their eyes black and listen to Marilyn Manson endlessly", even from this you can get that a big part of the metal scene really has nothing to do in knowledge and experience about the gothic subculture, its bands and its audience. And thus this over-confusion passes in the gothic metal scene.

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