July 23rd, 2006

Picture perfect


Ok after all that drama and creepiness, I figure we should get back to buisness. That buisness being,of course, Metal...and how metal rules/shall destroy/generally rocks this planet we call home.

Last week I went on a shopping excursion that I cam out of, alive and well, with 7 new CDs. SOOOOOOOO I figured I would share a few bands I recently discovered with you all.

IMMEMOREAL - Death Metal with some weird intros and outros. Not to mention some pretty kick ass vocals and lyrics.

Siebenburgen - Pretty freaking kick ass. Their later stuff is better, btu I found the first album used, so I'm not complaining.Unfortunately this band split back in February. Siebenburgen Webpage

The Virgin Black - Wow. Just Wow. These guys are this kick ass experimental metal group from Austrailia. Their music will make you wet in your pants. The Virgin Black Official Webpage

Sunn O)))) - This isn't so much a discovery and a long awaited find. Sunn O))))'s members are self proclaimed "Music Scientists". It's weird, deep and will make you afraid to leave your house.