July 24th, 2006

Some Recommendations.

Hi. I thought I'd post a recommendation list of bands that some of you might not have heard before.

Bethlehem (Ger) - This band varies with every release they put out. Their first album, "Dark Metal", is paced at the speed of funeral doom, and the lyrics are in English. All other releases are in German. What really stands out to me are the guitars, especially in the first 3 albums. Very talented band.

Methadrone (USA) - Anyone like Incantation? Remember Craig Pillard? This is one of his projects. Slow-paced with the spine of the music being two bass guitars. The music has an industrial touch to it, as well as some obvious influence from sludge. Heavy as lead, but beautiful at the same time. He says the upcoming album will be quite a bit different from previous releases.

Angantyr (Dnk) - Amazing black metal. This band should be in its own category. The guitar work is incredible. It's generally very melodic, and you can tell that this one man band has tons of influences. He has two other bands that I've checked out: Holmgang and Make A Change... Kill Yourself. They're both worthwhile as well, but Angantyr is my personal favourite. Give it a listen.

Ludicra (USA) - This is a BM band with two very capable female vocalists. That's what makes them stand out: a brutal double vocal attack. I haven't listened to this band nearly enough, but they were a recent discovery. Lately I've been on an industrial kick.

That's all for now, although I'm practically an encyclopedia where music is concerned. If you ever want some new band recommendations, just contact me. :) =P