July 25th, 2006

Picture perfect

Mod Post

From what I've gathered, we seem to have had another round of bullshit from a certain individual while I was away in dream land (ie sleeping).

So just a few general notes for everyone:

- If you see something like that, please IMMEDIATELY report it to the LJ abuse team. We will be around to clear the post up ASAP!

- If you find a post, please inform one of the Mods ASAP by leaving a comment on one of our LJ's giving us the details. We will be there ASAP to correct it.

- And remember, us Mods have lifes too! We all work, we all have families, we all need sleep and we all try our best. I check here every 4 hrs or so, just to scan through, see what you guys are up to, but we can't get everything right away if we are stuck at a minimum wage job serving cranky people there muffins and other baked goods!

I appriciate your patience guys. SORRY ABOUT ALL THIS!

Keep on rocking in the free world!
Soul of Avalon

Wacken anyone?

(Hey nice new lay out! ^^)

Hi everyone!
Are there any of you who wil also be going to one of the most (in)famous metal festivals on this planet Wacken Open Air in Germany next week?
Personally, I'm going.. My preview can be read in my journal:


Let us know if your going!

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