August 17th, 2006

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Alice in Chains Set to Release Comprehensive Collection

AIC has just announced that they will be releasing a retrospective of the last 20 years in recording. The two CD collection, entitled "The Essential Alice in Chains", is set to be released September 5th (OMG SO SOON!) on Columbia/Legacy.

"The first comprehensive two-CD collection ever issued on Alice In Chains is a chronological ascent from 1990 (four cuts from their debut album, Facelift, including "We Die Young," title track of the three-song Columbia debut EP released earlier that year) up through 1999, ("Get Born Again" and "Died," the two newly recorded tracks on their three-CD box set retrospective, Music Bank). The Essential Alice In Chains gathers its 28 selections from all four original albums they recorded, Facelift (1990), Dirt (1992), the self-titled Alice In Chains (1995), and the live 'acoustic' MTV Unplugged (1996), as well as from their two EPs, SAP (1992) and Jar Of
Flies (1994). Also included are remixes of their two songs from the Last Action Hero original motion picture soundtrack album (1993, the only band with two cuts on the album)." -

In September it will be the 10th year anniversary of their last show ever played with deceased vocalist Layne Staley. They have decided to embark on a 5 city surprise club tour around the US (Bastards! WHY NOT CANADA! WHY!?) before heading over to Europe to tour there. After Europe (and the UK) they will return to the US to continue their travels there.

Now for me, this is very exciting. I have been a hardcore Alice in Chains fan since I was in diapers (My mom constantly retells the story of me chatting up the Kindergarten teacher about Layne Stayley's vocal work "Facelift" as opposed to "Dirt".) So for them to be touring again (OH JERRY! WE SHALL MEET AT LAST!) is one of my biggest dreams come true...but of course they aren't coming to Vancovuer. Even though it's 2.5 hours away from Seattle, their birth place. All I have to say is BASTARDS!

Which brings me to my point. If any of you people have a chance to see AIC live, do it. And then recount it to me in great detail, right down to Jerry's sexy struts across stage.

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