September 21st, 2006

Picture perfect

Metal News?

So I've been scanning my favorite metal news sites over the last few weeks and, honestly, it appears nothing interesting has happened. Well, not since those swack of deaths in August/September. This is rather disappointing for me and, unfortunately makes this community rather dull. LAME I SAY! LAME!

So here I am, bored and writing a pointless post. Come on Metal Gods of sorts! Lets give me some exciting news! These members need an update!!!

How about a personal one? Well, My fiance and I have been working with a few good friends of ours on a doom metal project. We have yet to come up with a solid name, but it is tentatively called Valtiel. Lots of atmosphere and electronic beeps and boops. Think Silent Hill in music form. It's fun as fuck, and nothing beats doom. Ever. As soon as we have a few more things layed down, I'll let you guys have a listen.

Also, Celtic Frost with 1349 is coming up. *flails with excitement*

Hope all is well.

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