October 2nd, 2006

Picture perfect

A sad weekend indeed

Saturday was the night of Celtic Frost. Yes, the one I have been leaping around excitedly about for the last month. I traveld 6 hour on transit (THE PAIN!) to Victoria BC, Canada only to be DENIED ACCESS TO THE CLUB! Why. you ask? Becasue I couldn't provide 3 (!!!) pieces of ID. Here in BC you are required to show 2 pieces of government ID. THis douche bag wanted three pieces. WHO THE FUCK carries their three most important pieces of id to a metal concert? No one! Christ.

So I missed the wonders that are 1349 and Celtic Frost. Which sucked big time. I was so angry I cried. Fuck head.

Fortunately for me, my fiance surprised me with tickets to Pelican at the Lamplighter here in Vancouver. If you haven't heard of them, they are 4 AMAZING musicians who play progressive instrumental metal from Chicago. What a show.

There were two opening bands, though I only remember one. The first was this psuedo-metal/hardcore band that is hardly memorable. I couldn't tell you their name, what they looked like or even if they were mediocre. The second band threw them out of the water. It is a 5 piece entitled Daughter. THey sounded like a cross between Fantomas and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The lead singer was SOOO drunk, and it added to the hillarity of these guys flailing around on stage. The lead singer at one point stood on the bar counter in front of me, gabbing my hand and proclaiming "You are going to be like a Roman Candle when you go off. Everybody else better get the fuck down."

He then hauled me up on the bar and we screamed at eachother into the microphone. He tackled me when he ran out of breath and we landed on two guy on the floor who proceded to haul us up and push us to the stage. We then got cheered and whooped at and the bartender brought us whisky and gingerales. Fucking rad band.

Pleican came on about 4o minutes after and holy crap. They blew my socks off. If you guys ever get the chance and you want a purely orgasmic musical experience, see Pelican Live.