January 15th, 2007

Interviews needed for book on female metalheads ...

I hope posting this here is allowed ...

From Carnifex Press

Carnifex Metal book imprint

Carnifex Press has just opened a new Imprint called Carnifex Metal, this time a (mostly) non- fiction series of books about Heavy Metal music.

Besides the very personal book by Armand Rosamilia ("Growing Up
Heavy Metal") that will see the light of day in mid-2007, there are
other books being planned:

"Metal Queens", which delves into women as musicians and fans of
Heavy Metal, especially the extreme genres like Death and Black. We
are currently looking for women fans to do interviews with (via e-
mail, mail and phone) describing their love of Metal and how they
got into it in the first place.

"Metal Kings" will follow the same vein, with the male fans of Heavy
Metal... the first subgenres explored will be Death and Black Metal,
but other genres will also be added as the series evolves.

What we are looking for is a bunch of dedicated Metal Heads willing
to answer a few e-mailed questions for possible inclusion in the
above-mentioned books, as well as future releases.

We are also looking for other ideas from YOU... we are looking for
band biographies, personal stories and more from the average Metal

E-mail Armand at CarnifexMetal (at) gmail.com for further details.

Long Live Metal

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