February 1st, 2007

Picture perfect

Christian Metal?

This is kind of a weird request (and bare with me, it's an interesting one.)I am moving in with a VERY christian roommate who's favorite music is "Worship" music. As a ridiculously avid metal head who puts N/A on the line that says "Religion" on insurance papers, I'm a little worried about integrating my music.

Now, I love my music, but I don't want to cross boundaries with this chick. So basically, 'Satanic Slaughter' and 'Dead Jesus' are out. But I still want to get her interested in metal. So I have to find a happy medium.

Enter: Christian Metal.

Do ANY of you know of some half decent christian metal? I know half of you are rolling around on the ground laughing (while the other half go WTF?) But I actually think it would be an interesting experience for both of us. So if anyone can help me out...I'de basically love you forever.

Other than that, feel free to toss out your opinions on Christian Metal. NO INSULTING ANYONE THOUGH!

Your overlord,