July 11th, 2007

this too.

12:53:23 AM rzarector282: there should be metal albums that are about getting girls drunk at clubs and then fucking them
12:53:30 AM rzarector282: but metalheads don't go to clubs
12:53:36 AM rzarector282: they only leave their houses to go to concerts
12:54:06 AM sovietserge: yeah
12:54:06 AM sovietserge: :(
12:54:55 AM rzarector282: there should be a concept album about a metalhead going to a concert to pick up unattractive metalhead girls
12:55:12 AM rzarector282: and he buys them cheap beers until they pass out
12:55:20 AM rzarector282: at which point he takes them home and has his way with them
12:56:24 AM rzarector282: the rest of the story depends on the kind of metal it is
12:56:44 AM rzarector282: like, say it was black metal
12:57:03 AM rzarector282: the metalhead would take her into the forest to have sex
12:57:35 AM rzarector282: and the song that describes them having sex is a call of the wintermoon clone
12:57:40 AM rzarector282: this is a great idea
1:02:48 AM sovietserge: Land Where Sympathy Is Air: this song is about the show; most people don't understand metalheads and their problems :( but other metalheads are sympathetic
To Become Shelter And Salvation: of course, our hero tries to pick up a metalhead girl with problems by saying he can be her shelter, her salvation.
Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame: this song is about all the alcohol he gets her drunk with.
Flowering Entities: vagina. lots of it. thinking about as she's drinking her pain (and rationality) away.
To Give: to give her lots of alcohol, and perhaps a good dicking.
On The Way Home: self explanatory. he tries to get her home from BB King's Blues Club (where all metal bands in NYC play), which is tough with NYC public transportation, to his parents' house in Westchester or Nassau counties.
Shine Of Consolation: symbolizes her technically not saying no...
Sadness And Strength: symbolizes her finally starting to say no, and him not caring.
A Step Closer: defines him taking her clothes off with his spiky armbands.
An Old Man And A Child: symbolizes how the metalhead guy is in his late 20s and the metalhead girl is like 16.
Walking In The Garden Of Ma'at: symbolizes sex. lots of sex. all over.
1:03:52 AM rzarector282: holy shit
1:03:57 AM rzarector282: oh my god
1:03:59 AM rzarector282: OH
1:04:00 AM rzarector282: MY
1:04:01 AM rzarector282: GOD
1:04:09 AM rzarector282: this is the greatest discovery ever
1:05:08 AM rzarector282: spread this to the farest reaches of the internet

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