September 3rd, 2007

My attempt at conversing. lol

 I read back a little bit. I wanted to make sure if I started a topic, it wouldn't be a repeat one.
But. I know it's going to happen anyway, I'm just hoping no one will notice.

There are just so many introductions and tour dates! Which is great n' all. ^___^
But, "discussions" are always nice too.

Cliche topic 1.)  ^__^ Metal band...the genre simply could NOT be here today without.

Cliche topic two
.) The Band; Metal really should be here without. 
[Lol, no offence to anyone..... We just all have our harsh music opinions and you know it.]

Cliche topic 3.) The 5 c.d.s you feel every metal head should have in thier collection.

Oh. I'd really like to learn some new bands.
Metal bands are always great. but any other genre as well. 
Hell, even Ska. Or other "genres" I usually don't dip into.
I'd appreciate it!

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    not only is my iPod fucked up. My CD player just broke. -_- I'm soooo pissed.
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