September 5th, 2007

A sincere apology to someone . . .

A few months back, someone posted a topic along the lines of poser metal girls at the shows only to get a metal guy. I argued that it was difficult to determine the intent of a metal gal, based on their actions at a show. I don't remember exactly who posted it, but . . .

BOY, was I wrong! And sadly, I am slightly wiser than before.

Case in point, about a month ago, I purchased some tickets to Celtic Frost/Type O Negative. I've been to every TON show that's come to Utah for the past decade (yes, I am THAT old), and was very excited to take my new boyfriend, the first TON fan I had ever dated. He had just moved to the state, seen them a few times back east, but never out here. So it promised to be an evening of great fun!

We got to the venue early, made certain to be on the front row. Celtic Frost was great. All was very well, until TON hit the stage.

Then on came the girls . . . ..::GULP::..

Most were just extra flirtatious, trying to talk my BF out of his place on the front row. Not a problem. He simply refused. After all, we'd gotten there several hours early so we could be right there in front of the action, right?

Then there was the girl who made me disappointed in female TON fans in general.

She was apparently over 21, or so I surmised based upon the pink wristband allowing her access to the bar. Based on her looks and maturity level, however, I would have guessed a bit younger. Anyway, she tries to push us out of the way. No dice. Again, not to be rude, but we were there first.

Tactic 2: hit on my BF. Didn't work.

Tactic 3: she literally went and found some other (inebriated) guy, told him that she was on the front row the entire show, and that we pushed her out of the way.


So this guy is ready to fight us, despite the fact that the two of us and an entire front row of witnesses tried to calmly explain to the guy that we had been there all day, and that this girl was totally playing him. The scenario finally deescalated when I demanded, "Are you really that gullible, that you're going to let this piece of jailbait fight her battle, so she can hit on Peter Steele and ignore you for the rest of the night after security has ejected you for throwing a fist?!"


Is it the girl that bothered me? Or the guy, perhaps? Well, slightly yes to both, but it was the principle of the matter that left me steaming for the rest of the night. All I could think of was, is this really what being a metal chick is coming to? Batting one's eyes, looking cute in your little black outfit and generic combat boots, then whining like a spoiled little princess from MTV's Sweet 16 until you get your way?

The main reason I am concerned is because I have CoF tickets in about a month, and I really don't want to deal with any more teeny bopper fans. Yes, Dani Filth is hot, but I don't feel up to fighting off a bunch of inept drunken young ladies in order to enjoy the show.

So to whomever it was that I had the early discussion with, I apologize, you were right. And to all of you TRUE metal chicks out there, the ones who are righteous, outstanding, know how to stand your ground, act classy, and demand respect based on your intelligence and personality, I salute you. A drink to you . . . thanks for keeping the scene real! \m/