May 7th, 2008

Northern Lights; Aurora Borealis


Some guy on an lj metal sharing community said that women "don't understand metal" & that I "may like metal but will never be metal." This is coming from a guy who says that metal is about being arrogant and being a dick? Riight. I don't take it personally, but it's more the hit to women in regards to metal that pisses me off. That seems to be an assumption of some people, that women aren't "metal" enough. Whatever the hell that means. Not to mention he was wrong... I don't like metal, I fucking LOVE it.
Just thought I'd share my annoyance. And vent a little.
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    The Gathering - Strange Machines (live w/ Orchestra)
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Progressive Nation

So I saw  Dream Theater, Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, & Three; this last monday night.

Three:  They shouldn't have been the opening act, they  were amazing. The guitarist has this amazing technique he used with an electric acoustic and it is about the coolest thing I've heard. The vocals aren't to my liking but it's not bad he's good at what he does. 

Between the buried and me: They sucked, good stage precense but I hated them, they are what their name kind of means, DIRT.

Opeth: Amazinng, They played a really good variety. They opened with Demon of the Fall. They played: In my Time of Need, Wreath, Drapery Falls, and Porcelain Kiss (?), I am not sure one of the new ones that they realeased a song for.

Dream Theater: Of course they are really good, it dragged on way too long, I left early.