August 17th, 2008


Metal and fashion ...

ok, please don't kill me because i'm asking your opinion :D

How do you guys feel about this new Lipservice line? i have to admit i was SHOCKED to see it. first of all because who's going to wear it? i would NEVER wear it to a show (I only ever wear boots/jeans/t-shirts because it's practical). But i have to say i love it, i don't know how or where i'd wear it but ... damn if i don't kind of love it. I guess someone could wear it to a prom. (me i'm 34, though so prom is right out for me unless i REALLY rob the cradle).

i am shocked that Metal is back more in the "public eye" enough to be a fashion statement again. shocked and maybe dismayed??

anyway. thoughts? opinions? thumbs up/down?