August 18th, 2008


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So it can’t be any kind of surprise to anyone that any and every kind of underground music there is - is going to be exploited (or at least that exploitation is going to be attempted) by mainstream culture/fashion. That’s just how things go. I do think that in the case of Metal (especially of modern metal culture) that attempt may have some problems. It seems to me that Metal now is a little less compartmentalize-able (is that a word??), less given to identifiable visual cues (like I said before, what I generally wear to concerts is boots/jean/t-shirt) how do you market and sell that back to people at a profit* when it doesn’t have obvious identifiable features? In this case, the fractured nature of the scene into sub-scenes that I hear complaints about occasionally, works in the scene’s favor; there isn’t any ONE band or “look” that can define the genera therefore it’s a little too nebulous for the mainstream to exploit what it can pin down and identify. Metal doesn’t seem to be too terribly tied to any sort of fashion statement either**.

Still, I’m just saying. Be prepared. The exploitation is coming as Metal re-emerges from the underground and into the light of popular culture. This happened to Metal in the 80’s and god help us, it happens in the Goth scene (I recall after The Crow came out we got an influx of people who didn’t quite “get it” at the clubs, of course most of them went on to something else a few months later) and Punk scenes regularly. I have some words of advice. Help the people genuinely interested, especially the kids. Help them find the REAL good music. Don’t treat them as lame posers even if they don’t quite get it, honestly keeping the scene exclusive is not healthy (I’m not saying I see people do this all the time but it is a knee-jerk reaction – the Punk scene occasionally goes to far in trying to keep itself “pure” and it just shrinks in some cities down to almost nothing because it’s too dangerous to go to shows). On the other hand, I can’t say that I wouldn’t be tempted to knock a scenester/hipster*** into a pit if I saw them rockin’ out to Dimmu ;) that would be kind of funny :D

*that’s how it works. A designer takes an idea from outside of the mainstream and all of a sudden something that used to be $17 is selling for $200 at Nordstrom’s. Which is no big deal, you figure, nobody is going to buy a $200 Atreyu shirt right? Until they do. And one day you see someone on the train or something wearing a band shirt you like, you give ‘em a thumbs up and they give you a blank look … because they got it to “look cool” or something. And you figure what’s next? Are you going to hear Nightwish in the background of a Chevy Truck commercial? Sounds crazy, but remember that Rap was sanitized at one point enough for there to be “raps” on Sesame Street about brushing your teeth.

**unless it’s death metal. Can’t quite see this between the pages of Vogue, but you never know.

***my definition of that kind of person is one that doesn’t go to an event to enjoy themselves by enjoying the band, but one that goes TO BE SEEN or to make fun of the people who are enjoying the show. These people get very little sympathy from me.

Ok, enough of my rambling.

black metal?

Hey gals :)

Normally I listen to a lot of death metal [at the gates, morpheus descends, etc.] but lately I find that I've become obsessed with dimmu borgir. Anybody know of some other absolutley kick ass black metal they can recommend??