September 30th, 2008


Negură Bunget

Finally got my trilogy box (which includes Zîrnindu-Să, Sala Molksa/From Transilvanian Forest, and Măiastru Sfetnic) and OM 2xLP in the mail! SQUEE!!

Quick thoughts:
Early works, though not quite as developed in atmosphere, still display an exemplary brand of black metal. I can't get over how rich the drums sound on almost every NB record--other metal bands, take note.
OM, of course, rules even more on vinyl and in case you were wondering, 'Vazduh' (bonus non-CD track on OM) is truly a breath of fresh air.

I absolutely love this band. To those of you who haven't had their ears exposed to them, now is as good a time as any. Discography can be found here (can't vouch for this one but everything is bundled together) or here (I definitely recommend this blog for downloads). If any of you are as absurdly picky about spelling and diacritics as I am, tell me if you'd like for me to post the accurate track listings for all the albums.


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