October 16th, 2008



Ok, so what can I really say that will convey the majesty of last night?

Ummm, not much.

I was down front fighting the crowd attempting to shoot inbetween headbanging my ass off, singing along and getting my person bashed all around. It was a great time indeed.

The fact that Erik was on bass in no way lessened his ferociousness on stage. Alvaro was throwing grim looks and poses all night and looking like something that just crawled its way from a grave and was wanting brains, but decided to play guitar for the night instead.

The venue was maybe half full, if that. But everyone was pretty much packed up front, aside from a few random peeps up in the bar watching from the balcony because they were too afraid they'd get covered in blood.

About two thirds into Watain's set I had some guy decide he really wanted my spot more than I did. Frustrating, but as I had already shot 300 photos, I decided to let him have it and wander around a little. My body was quite bruised already at that point. I hit the merch table, got a shirt and their two first CDs which I've had a bitch of a time trying to find. I went up to the balcony for their encore and got a few shots from up there.

Unless Turisas can somehow top this, definitely best show of the year. Even over Behemoth in Portland. I needed last night, badly. I've been feeling so out of sorts and last night helped to get me back to center.

Anyway, I leave you with a couple of my favorites from last night, a link to all 40 photos that I'm willing to show everyone, and a 1200x800 wallpaper of Watain's stage setup from last night.

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