December 16th, 2008



I love it when i discover new great bands and i just did this evening!!!!! and guess what... the band is gonna play in my city in just 1½ month from now! How fucking great!!!!

it's a band called blocarv (there'll be two other bands playing at the concert... but i haven't heard their music yet... so i can't be excited about going to see them yet) and it's a black metal band with an anti-christian/satanic lyrical theme... i found them at myspace and ooooohhh... *excited* :D

I have no idea who of my friends will go to the concert (except this creepy acqaintance of mine)... but i don't really give a shit... i am gonna go there, headbang my head off (almost lol).

and the ticket for the concert is sooooo cheap as well!!!! it's unbelievable!!!

i can barely contain myself... i am THAT excited!!!!!