March 15th, 2009



1. Wolves In The Throne Room is playing in my town in May. I'm so excited!!! Sorry, I had to gush about this to SOMEBODY.

2. I'm going to be in Philly the first week of June. Any metal shows going on that I should attend? Would anyone be down for a meet-up?

3. Last night Skeleton Witch played here. I think everybody in this community has probably seen them by now.(They're fuckin everywhere!) I took a few pictures, but between the damn smoke machine and people pushing me every which way I only got maybe 3-4 half decent pictures.
03/14/09; Skeletonwitch

03/14/09; Skeletonwitch

03/14/09; Skeletonwitch

(click the link and click on 'all sizes' to see a bigger picture)

What's up ladies?! Anything you're gushing about or bands you've seen recently?