April 1st, 2009


Best April Fool's Ever...

Posted to the Norther official site exactly at midnight...

"After a hard search for a new vocalist, we are honored to announce that no other than Jari Mäenpää is the new singer/guitarist of NORTHER. This is totally a natural thing for him to leave WINTERSUN and join NORTHER since he has been previously handling vocals in ENSIFERUM and until now in WINTERSUN. He told he had enough of 'Time'.. so now he wants to do 'Time' in NORTHER... something fresh... again. We wish the very best for WINTERSUN finding a new replacement."

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Saturday, May 9th will see the metal elite of Sweden collide in a unique soccer tournament seldom witnessed in the history of mankind; Metallsvenskan 2009.

Get ready for this: People from bands such as In Flames, Sabaton, Millencolin,
The Haunted, Bullet, Tiamat, Dark Tranquillity, Engel, Illdisposed (Denmark) Heat and some chosen bastards from Close Up Magazine will create war in 5 member teams complete with referees and other wellknown faces.


That is unbelievably awesome. I wish I could be there. I don't usually watch sports, but I'd love to see Dark Tranquillity play soccer against In Flames.