April 20th, 2009

Lizzy Borden

Dressing for concerts

sea_breeze 's introduction post (and subsequent comments)* brought up an issue that I hadn't thought much about, much to my shame.  I feel it is a very important issue, especially for lady metalheads like us.  Dressing for concerts, and harrassment.

Now, I never put much thought into dressing for a concert beyond "What jeans do I need to wear?" and "which band shirt should I wear?"  This is pretty much standard concert gear for any metalhead, male or female.  However, I see many women in gothy sirts, corsets, dresses, etc...and they tend to either be wearing massive black boots that can stomp your face in, or high heels that can incapacitate a man's ability to reproduce.  I think the latter are insane, as heels are fucking painful at a concert (and the one time I did it, my heels were fairly wide!)

No, my general concert gear are my concert jeans - jeans with many zippered pockets that I can place credit card, money, and ID in, instead of having to carry my purse around - and some sort of band t-shirt, sometimes it's a girly tee, sometimes it's a regular tee.  That's about it.  Fairly utilitarian, and fairly universal.  Oh, and I wear sneakers.  If I'm going to be standing for four hours, dammit I'm going to be as comfortable as possible.

However,sea_breeze  likes to wear dresses at all times.  I have been to many concerts and not seen girlssea_breeze  wearing sundresses, but if I did, I probably wouldn't care, beyond making the assumption her boyfriend dragged her along.  In sea_breeze 's case, this would be a false assumption. ;) 

Unfortunately, this has caused her to be sexually harrassed by other people attending the same concert.  This is NOT COOL, in my book.  Women (and men) have a right to go to a metal concert dressed however they wish, without being harrassed by the local assholes.  Honestly, I'm supirsed she hasn't decked someone by now.  I'd have broken someone's face, if it were me.  Not to mention, I have a boyfriend that would kick the person's ass, too.

So, ladies, my questions for you are as follows:  How do you dress for concerts?  How do you handle your money and ID if you don't wish to carry a purse?  Have you been harrassed at a concert (even if you were dressed like everyone else) and what did you do?

For you ladies in the USA, I want you to know that you are within your legal rights to pop someone who is sexually harrassing you.  The general rule is that you give one warning to stop, ie. "If you touch me again, I'm going to break your fingers." and if they fail to heed your warning, you are within your legal rights to follow through with that threat.  Do bear in mind though, that you are only legally allowed to maim a person so that you can get away.  Anything beyond incapacitate and retreat could get you an assault charge.

So here are some general rules of thumb for concert safety:
1. Go with friends, or have someone you can contact in a hurry.
2. Make sure you know where your exits are
3. Don't be afraid to get a security guard if necessary
4. ALWAYS watch your drink.  If you think your drink has been tampered with, get a new one.
5. Try to find an individual or a group to socialize with.  Trust your gut when talking to people, it'll let you know whether or not that person/group is a good choice.

Any other safety rules you ladies can think of?

*DISCLAIMER:  I am not picking on our lovely newest member.  I swear!  Your post just got me going, that's all. :)