May 1st, 2009


Moonsorrow's guitar stolen in Montréal

Passing along the info, just in case...

Moonsorrow played in Montreal at the Medley club on april 29th.
Sometime during the day/night someone broke in the tour bus and stole our very special ESP custom shop Star guitar.
The guitar is cream white with abalone star shaped inlays and gold hardware.
The guitar can be easily recognized by the star inlays on frets 3, 5, 7, 12, 15 and 17 and creamy "vintage white" color.
The back of the neck is not painted.
It was in a rectangular flight case made by Finnish company Transit Case.

The guitar..s serial number is:


If you have seen the guitar, or you know where it is, PLEASE contact police, and send e-mail to: You can also call or send SMS to +358451376836.

The person who finds the guitar or gives the clue that leads us finding it, will be rewarded with 400€. The guitar was Janne..s most beloved instrument and an important part of Moonsorrow..s live performance. We beg you to keep your eyes open for this guitar.

Along with the guitar was stolen Mitja Harvilahti..s grey suitcase including clothes, accessories and a Canon Autozoom 1014 super8 film camera.